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ARTKO is a Hong Kong based fashion company offering high-end quality clothing and fashion accessory development and production services. Our team of fashion industry professionals has over 20 years of working experience in material sourcing, design development, manufacturing, and international shipping for global fashion brands.


Our team works hand in hand with our Clients to create bespoke fabrics and fashion products to their specifications. We have established excellent relationships and efficient ways of working with our suppliers over the years for executing the best quality products and pricing for our niche Clients. Our skillful factories specialize in producing extraordinary quality clothing from trendy womenswear, evening dresses, bridal gowns, to fashion accessories.


ARTKO is always willing to go the extra mile for sourcing exploration and communicating with multiple factories for saving the Clients’ time efforts and producing the most profitable and finest products for them. We aim to let our Clients to focus on their business and creative work always. Accompanying with our one-stop service, our production accommodates as low as 50pcs/style, while our services comprise of printing, dyeing, embroidery, hand finishing… and more. Small batch sampling production is available for private consultation.


ARTKO cherishes to build long-lasting relationship with our Clients from small startups, sizeable brands, to fashion consultancy firms. We are good partners and producers for Creative and High-end Quality fashion brands.

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